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  • Tri Pillow (CUTP145)
    The Tri Pillow can be used in a seated or laying position either in bed or in an arm chair or lounge chair. 

    Cover sold separately.
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  • Supporta Comfort Memory Foam Pillow
    The Comfort Memory Foam Pillow offers aid in the restoration of the normal cervical curve.  The contour of the pillow cradles the head and neck to aid comfort in reducing muscle stress and tension.

    The Contour Pillow maintains the spine in the correct postural position, which eases stress related tension in the neck and shoulders.  All have a high and low profile offering the users a choice of loft.

    The Contour Pillow also features a premium high resilience foam for long life comfort and support

    Available in 4 sizes - Child, Small, Medium, Large

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  • Neck Therapy Pillow
    The Neck Therapy Pillow was developed over a 4 year period to help assist in the recovery of injuries such as, whiplash, pain from sever stress, pain from damaged intervertebral disks.

    The Neck Therapy Pillow provides a gentle traction and manipulative effect on the neck muscles which helps reduce pain and provide a better night's sleep.  In a trial with a support group of members of the Arthritis Foundation over 85% of participants improved their nights sleep and relieved some of the pain associated with arthiritis.

    Available in small, medium and large
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  • Bed Wedge (CU009)
    Fire retardant contoured foam cushion

    Removable fire retardant quilted cover

    Ideal for those with respiratory function disorders

    Width 700mmx Depth 700mm 
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  • Standard Wedge Cushion (CU001/2)
    Soft open cell foam cushion

    Designed to maintain a normal lumbar curve while sitting

    Promotes correct posture by helping to minimise Kphotic spinal curves

    Commonly used post hip operations

    Supplied with dartex cover
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  • Convoluted Foam Ring (CU011)
    Ideal for any post operative procedure, travel or sore cocyx

    Made with offset hole and convoluted foam to help with air flow

    Cotton pillow slip included
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