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Ceramic 230m Plate (DLA031)
Classicware 230mm Plate with surround
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Clear Plastic Tumbler (DLAC003)
230ml Clear Plastic Tumbler with spout
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Polycarb Water Jug (DLA030)
Polycarb water jug with lid 1L
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Polycarbonate Mug (DLAC008)
400ml Polycarbonate mug with two handles. Supplied with two handles, one to seal tight and one to drink from.
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Cup with Temperature Regulated Lid (DLAC009)
Non spill cup is designed to warn of temperature of fluid.
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One-Way Disposable Straw (DLA010)
Pack of 10 specialised disposable straw. Straw stays full of fluid making it easier for those with problems generating suction. Reduces air ingested and effort required; less coughing & choking while drinking
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Mug Two Handled (DLAC002)
Clear Two Handled Mug . Dishwasher and Microwave safe. Anti-spill lid.
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