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  • HS-589 Mobility Scooter
    HS-589 Mobility Scooter (HS-589)
    This fully featured four wheel scooter has the power of a large scooter without the bulky size. The HS-589 has a new modern sleek look, front and rear suspension, a 700 Watt motor with a greater travel range and faster travelling speed. With large 11" wheels it also has excellent ground clearance for uneven terrain.
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  • Four Wheel Economy Scooter (HS-360)
    Economical, but still a robus scooter, ideal for gettng around a retirement village. Maximum speed 8 kmph.
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  • Invacare Leo
    The Leo conveniently dismantles into  separate parts and will fit into the boot of most cars.
    • Travel distance of 36km
    • Speeds of up to 8km/h
    • Maximum weight capacity of 136kg
    • 2 x  36Ah batteries
    • Length 122cm
    • Automatic turn off indicators (after 30 seconds)
    • Anti corrosion chassis
    • Available in Ruby Red or Saphire Blue
    Affordable lightweight scooter ideal for indoor and outdoor locations
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  • HS-745 Mobility Scooter (HS-745)
    This is the scooter to have without blowing the budget!

    With a powerful 4 pole motor, high capacity batteries, large 13" drive wheels, suspension, 36km travel range, tall back luxury swivel seat and a long wheelbase the HS-745 will not leave you wanting. Travel near or far, load it up with shopping and enjoy the smooth ride and effortless power this model has to offer.
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  • HS-928 Mobility Scooter (HS-928)
    The HS-928 is a smart, sporty scooter designed to go everywhere.

    It is a robust scooter with 15" wheels, a 1000 Watt motor and two 100Ah batteries. It will give you the freedom to overcome high obstacles and rough terrain. The large frame with plenty of leg room, deluxe fully adjustable seat, anti fatigue delta handlebar and full suspension will ensure you have a comfortable ride.
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  • Four Wheel (Easily Transported) Mobile Scooter (HS118)
    Economy mobility scooter with removable battery pack and fold down seat for easy transportation
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  • Comet Alpine
    Invacare Comet Alpine
    This robust power unit and 4-point independent suspension system ensures a continuous comfortable ride even on bumpy ground and can tackle the most challenging hills.
    • Travel distance of 50km
    • Speeds of up to 10kph
    • Maximum weight capacity 160kg (heavy duty version 220kg)
    • 2 X 75Ah Batteries
    • Automatic speed reduction when turning corners
    • Left handbrake
    • Available in Ruby Red, Onyx Blue or Silver
    The Comet Alpine offers improved traction and a larger motor, ideal for challenging outdoor uses.
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  • Invacare Colibri
    Designed for those that enjoy a totally independent lifestyle.  This scooter can be easily taken apart without the need for tools, and will fit easily into most car boots.
    • Travel distance of 16km
    • Speeds up to 8km/hr
    • Maximum weight capacity of 136kg
    • Soft padded seat - swivels
    • Uses 2 x 18Ah Batteries
    • Total length of scooter 101cm
    • Available in red, blue, while, orange or blue
    A micro lightweight transportable scooter
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