LimbO Adult Waterproof Below Knee Injury Protector

The LimbO is designed to protect plaster casts and wound dressings from getting wet during bathing, showering or swimming and hydrotherapy.
There is a cellular neoprene seal which has a wide band of contact and therefore does not pinch the skin or feel constrictive whilst the main body is of a pliable waterproof material and is roomy and slip resistant.

The LimbO waterproof protector is designed so that in Orthopaedic applications, with normal use, it will last through the period a cast should be worn (on average 8 weeks), however, for wound care it will last longer as it will be used in a less aggressive environment (ie dressing instead of cast) and patients have reported satisfactory use for periods over one year.
Sizing Guide
Description Sizing Limb
Min/Max (cm)
Adults below knee
average height
39/54 78 41.00
Adults below knee 
small (to 1.63m)
39/54 68 41.00
Adults below knee
slim (to 1.63m)
35/49 68 41.00
Adults below knee
small slim (to 1.55m)
35/40 60 41.00
Adults below knee
slim (up to 1.63m)
35/39 78 41.00
Adults below knee
(above 1.63m)
39/54 83 42.00
Adults below knee large 52/67 73 41.00
Adults below knee
(height 195cm)
72   51.00
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  • Manufacturer: HealthSaver

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